Configuring SharePoint 2013 Central Administration with Kerberos authentication

When you install your first SharePoint 2013 (or 2010) server the first thing that the Configuration Wizard asks you is the authentication method of the SharePoint Central Administration Web Site. It offers you two options to choose from, NTLM and Kerberos. The experienced administrator in you says that kerberos one of course because it’s the more secure and modern one, right? The wizard warns you that there might be more configuration to do, but you continue anyway. The wizard completes successfully and you head on to the Central Administration Web Site, but it won’t open claiming that you don’t have permissions to it. What’s that all about, you ask? Well, that’s the topic of this post so read on… Continue reading

Some items disabled or missing in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

SharePoint 2013I’ve spent a few hours in the past few weeks trying to get to know the all-new SharePoint Server 2013. There are quite a few changes and new stuff since the 2010 version while some things remain the same. I’ll be probably blogging about SharePoint Server 2013 a little bit in the near future. This article is about one tiny, but yet so annoying and not so well mentioned in the documentation matter. That is, how to run Central Administration Web Site so that all the features, buttons, gadgets and whatnots are available. Continue reading