Grand Theft Auto V is finally here

Come September 17th and the highly awaited video game is finally here. The cyberspace has been filling with praise and applause today as the game gets into the hands of fans and critics. Rockstar has done it again and I’m sure the game is going to eat up my spare time for months to come, the previous GTAs sure did. 🙂

The Rockstar Newswire Blog has put up a pretty impressive list of already published reviews of the game, see for yourself, you don’t see those numbers very often. My love for the series lies not so much within the violence and chaos but within the story telling, characters and the sarcastic humour about the western culture, American to be precise.

Tomorrow I’m gonna get my copy of it (pre-ordered, of course!), hop into some fancy car, turn on the radio and cruise along the streets of Los Santos…