1st Anniversary of One After 909

Last Saturday marked the 1st anniversary of One After 909. On January 25th 2013 I posted my first article here. It’s been a very interesting year and a chance for me to learn and practice my skills on written English and providing meaningful content. It’s been a thrill to notice that some of my articles are actually read and even appreciated by readers. Some of them have even made it to the top results in Google. As I expected, the ones read are the ones that provided information on subjects that I couldn’t find information elsewhere.

Here’s some statistics of the first year (2013) of One After 909. The numbers are low and nothing to brag about, but let this be a good start for the upcoming year. Continue reading

Reasons for Inactivity…

Hi y’all!

Just wanted you all to know that this blog is still alive and kicking. Things have been very hectic at work (and home!) this fall and I just haven’t been able to find anytime whatsoever for blogging. I’ve drafted a few posts though so maybe in the near future I’ll get them out.

Oh, and a lot of Microsoft stuff has come out, the one below for example to show off… 🙂


RT 8.1 Install

Feedly it is, the Google Reader Replacement

A few weeks ago I posted on a subject that is coming to an end. Google Reader will close by the end of the month. I searched and tried quite many alternatives but none of them seemed good enough. Google Reader’s power lied witihin its’ open API and almost every client out there supported it one way or another. I didn’t want to go along with one client and be tied to it and thought that somebody should see the opportunity of the millions of Google Reader users’ souls.


Then came along Feedly with Project Normandy. Project Normandy is a replacement for Google Reader’s API so all the clients should work with only minor changes. My favorite client, the NextGen Reader is already updated with Feedly support both on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The migration from Google to Feedly was just a one-click procedure, thumbs up for that to Feedly too! The web interface is as smooth as it can be, way better than the good old Google Reader.

So, from now on, I’m a happy Feedly user.

Google Reader is about to vanish, what am I going to do?

This is a question that needs to be answered, the sooner the better. I’ve been using Google Reader since forever. I have almost 200 blog and rss subscriptions there and the service has been great for synchronizing between devices and clients. Marking items read and tagging the important ones with stars has been my daily task since the beginning of the service back in 2005.

Google Reader Closed (courtesy of http://www.googleappsforedu.com/)

The End

Google posted an announcement on the Official Google Blog and on the Google Reader Blog which basically says that they’re going to shut down the service on July 1st, 2013. You can grab your stuff with you with Google Takeout, just make sure you do it before the end of June.

There has been some almost furious people on the web, tens of thousands of signatures in petitions to keep the service  up and running. So far, no word from Google.

So I will be able backup my subscriptions and whatnot, but what am I going to do with it? I’ve been looking all over the cyberspace for alternatives, with no luck so far. This could be an opportunity of some sort for somebody to provide a similar “3rd party” solution to store this stuff and deal with the synchronization between clients and devices. The power of Google Reader lies within its open interfaces. I’d hate to put all my eggs in the same basket and go with some proprietary solution of one client.

Ideas? Anyone?

Laying down the foundation for my very own blog

Hi there,

there’s not too many readers here yet, but hopefully someday there will be. Just finished installing WordPress and MySQL on my web hosting service provider. I still have to select and customize a theme, and I believe there is a lot to tweak in this platform.

I’m going to be writing about technical stuff, real world experiences on my job as an IT professional. Things will probably mostly concern Microsoft Technologies, both on the client side as well as from the server room floor.

Let the blogging begin… 🙂