Error connecting to a stand-alone WSUS server using SSL

A few months back I wrote an article about publishing WSUS with a different URL than the FQDN of the server (link). That was the case with a domain joined server where you can fix things with a SPN. But what about a stand-alone WSUS server with a valid SSL certificate issued with a FQDN of the server? Continue reading

How to Enable Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection on Windows 8/8.1

It took me a while to figure this one out. All the hype about the improved VM Connection client, which can be run from a client OS, and I couldn’t find the executable anywhere. I searched the web too thinking it’s a separate downloadable component… Instead, it’s more simple than you’d think (or maybe it’s just me… ;)). It’s a feature included within the Hyper-V Management Tools (see the screenshot), which is pretty obvious in hindsight. Continue reading

Reasons for Inactivity…

Hi y’all!

Just wanted you all to know that this blog is still alive and kicking. Things have been very hectic at work (and home!) this fall and I just haven’t been able to find anytime whatsoever for blogging. I’ve drafted a few posts though so maybe in the near future I’ll get them out.

Oh, and a lot of Microsoft stuff has come out, the one below for example to show off… 🙂


RT 8.1 Install

Grand Theft Auto V is finally here

Come September 17th and the highly awaited video game is finally here. The cyberspace has been filling with praise and applause today as the game gets into the hands of fans and critics. Rockstar has done it again and I’m sure the game is going to eat up my spare time for months to come, the previous GTAs sure did. 🙂

The Rockstar Newswire Blog has put up a pretty impressive list of already published reviews of the game, see for yourself, you don’t see those numbers very often. My love for the series lies not so much within the violence and chaos but within the story telling, characters and the sarcastic humour about the western culture, American to be precise.

Tomorrow I’m gonna get my copy of it (pre-ordered, of course!), hop into some fancy car, turn on the radio and cruise along the streets of Los Santos…

Configuring Windows Server 2012 Volume Activation Services (aka KMS) for Office 2013 Activation

It’s a walk in the park, just enable the currently functioning KMS server to activate Office 2013 products as well. The process with Office 2010 was very straight forward, but that’s not the case with the combination of Windows Server 2012 Volume Activation Services and Office 2013. Here’s how to do it successfully. Continue reading

AD FS Error on Startup indicating no access to Private Keys (Event ID 133)

As part of my “summer project”, a new lab environment for testing and learning, I came across a rather hard to figure out kind of issue. It turns out that AD FS in Windows Server 2012 doesn’t function properly with CNG Certificates (Cryptography Next Generation). I won’t go into details about certificates and cryptography in this post, but I think this might be worth sharing. Continue reading

System Center 2012 App Controller setup fails with exception error code: 0x80131500

For the past few weeks I’ve been building a lab environment for testing and fooling around with the various System Center 2012 components. Today, I had trouble installing App Controller and it seemed to fail with creating and configuring the SQL database. Everything was supposed to be alright and ready to go, SQL Server up and running (other connections working just fine), permissions setup correctly etc. Still, no luck. After troubleshooting and reading through the setup logs I found this: All my VMs start with a number, darn it.

After pounding my head against the wall for a couple of hours I somehow don’t find this very funny at all. 🙁

Feedly it is, the Google Reader Replacement

A few weeks ago I posted on a subject that is coming to an end. Google Reader will close by the end of the month. I searched and tried quite many alternatives but none of them seemed good enough. Google Reader’s power lied witihin its’ open API and almost every client out there supported it one way or another. I didn’t want to go along with one client and be tied to it and thought that somebody should see the opportunity of the millions of Google Reader users’ souls.


Then came along Feedly with Project Normandy. Project Normandy is a replacement for Google Reader’s API so all the clients should work with only minor changes. My favorite client, the NextGen Reader is already updated with Feedly support both on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The migration from Google to Feedly was just a one-click procedure, thumbs up for that to Feedly too! The web interface is as smooth as it can be, way better than the good old Google Reader.

So, from now on, I’m a happy Feedly user.