How to Reset Faulting OneDrive Synchronization

Has your OneDrive synchronization ever gone bad? Here’s a tip for resetting it once it gets messed up.

I’ve been using Microsoft’s cloud storage since it first launched (known as SkyDrive previously). a few years ago. I was volunteering for the first previews of the service and for that I have 28 gigs of free cloud storage. 🙂 With Windows 8 you could download and install the client as a separate download and for Windows 8.1 it comes in the box. The service synchronizes the contents of your cloud storage for local use. The same goes with an Windows RT tablet and with a Windows Phone device. For my experiences it’s been working great and the benefits of a centralized storage becomes obvious once you set it up on multiple devices and get used to it. I’ve been using it with about 5-8 devices now and it has been working quite good even with that many synched devices. Continue reading

My Notes from TechEd North America 2014

Greetings from Houston, Texas! TechEd North America 2014 is over, I’m exhausted. The things seen, lessons learnt, people met and travelling done leaves you in need for rest. Here’s my highlights, or key takeaways as some might say, of Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers.teched2014_skyscrapers
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TechEd North America 2014 – Content Catalog is Live

This year Microsoft’s primary technology conference TechEd North America 2014 will take place in May 12-15 in Houston, Texas. Having been combined this time with MMS (Microsoft Management Summit) the content on the platter will be phenomenal. With only two months to go, the Content Catalog is out. There are a few improvements in comparison to last years Schedule Builder such as preferred and alternative sessions on your own schedule. Also, it is now easier print out your schedule and sync wit Outlook or web calendars. I have to allocate some time to go through it and build my initial schedule soon…

Go on, take a peek. You can find it here: TechEd North America 2014 Content Catalog.

Storage Tiering – Minimum Volume Size not Accepted in Terabytes

I’ve been playing around and testing the new Storage Tiering feature that came along with Windows Server 2012 R2. I’m impressed I must say. I have a few 2TB HDDs in my test lab and disk I/O has always been the bottle neck when it comes to performance. The new Storage Tiering feature boosted my lab so much that I’m not sure if I’m using the same hardware anymore. The total disk I/O skyrocketed just by adding two 128GB SSDs and creating a tiered storage with Storage Spaces. Add Data Deduplication to the mix and it’s even better! Continue reading

Internet Explorer Group Policy Nightmare

I’ve been a fan of Group Policy since the days of Novell Netware and ZENWorks. There is something fascinating in the concept of defining settings and then forcing them on the targeted devices or users. This post is about controlling Microsoft Internet Explorer settings via GPO and the changes that they made with the release of IE 10 and 11.  This article is meant to sum up a few things I’ve found difficult to figure out. If you’re confused with setting up IE with GPO and GPP, read on.

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1st Anniversary of One After 909

Last Saturday marked the 1st anniversary of One After 909. On January 25th 2013 I posted my first article here. It’s been a very interesting year and a chance for me to learn and practice my skills on written English and providing meaningful content. It’s been a thrill to notice that some of my articles are actually read and even appreciated by readers. Some of them have even made it to the top results in Google. As I expected, the ones read are the ones that provided information on subjects that I couldn’t find information elsewhere.

Here’s some statistics of the first year (2013) of One After 909. The numbers are low and nothing to brag about, but let this be a good start for the upcoming year. Continue reading

Hotfix Adds Support for Windows 8.1 with App-V Server 5.0 SP1

virtual-applicationI’ve been exploring and testing the Microsoft solution for Application Virtualization (App-V). The latest version of App-V is 5.0 SP2. However, for some reason, the downloadable ISO of MDOP 2013 R2 (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) includes SP2 versions of only App-V Client and Sequencer, not for the App-V Server itself. This leads to some problems with the latest operating systems. Continue reading