Error connecting to a stand-alone WSUS server using SSL

A few months back I wrote an article about publishing WSUS with a different URL than the FQDN of the server (link). That was the case with a domain joined server where you can fix things with a SPN. But what about a stand-alone WSUS server with a valid SSL certificate issued with a FQDN of the server? Continue reading

How to Enable Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection on Windows 8/8.1

It took me a while to figure this one out. All the hype about the improved VM Connection client, which can be run from a client OS, and I couldn’t find the executable anywhere. I searched the web too thinking it’s a separate downloadable component… Instead, it’s more simple than you’d think (or maybe it’s just me… ;)). It’s a feature included within the Hyper-V Management Tools (see the screenshot), which is pretty obvious in hindsight. Continue reading

AD FS Error on Startup indicating no access to Private Keys (Event ID 133)

As part of my “summer project”, a new lab environment for testing and learning, I came across a rather hard to figure out kind of issue. It turns out that AD FS in Windows Server 2012 doesn’t function properly with CNG Certificates (Cryptography Next Generation). I won’t go into details about certificates and cryptography in this post, but I think this might be worth sharing. Continue reading

System Center 2012 App Controller setup fails with exception error code: 0x80131500

For the past few weeks I’ve been building a lab environment for testing and fooling around with the various System Center 2012 components. Today, I had trouble installing App Controller and it seemed to fail with creating and configuring the SQL database. Everything was supposed to be alright and ready to go, SQL Server up and running (other connections working just fine), permissions setup correctly etc. Still, no luck. After troubleshooting and reading through the setup logs I found this: All my VMs start with a number, darn it.

After pounding my head against the wall for a couple of hours I somehow don’t find this very funny at all. 🙁

Breaking Good News from TechEd North America 2013

TechEd_SurfaceTo smooth out the disappointment caused by my previous post I went and grabbed my Surface devices. One for myself (the Surface RT 64GB  for $99) and one for work (the Surface Pro 128GB for $399). Those suckers cost four times that much at the retailers so money well spent. It was an offer for all TechEd North america Attendees, here’s a link.

I can’t wait to start messing around with the Pro as it is a small (domain joinable) PC after all.

Configuring SharePoint 2013 Central Administration with Kerberos authentication

When you install your first SharePoint 2013 (or 2010) server the first thing that the Configuration Wizard asks you is the authentication method of the SharePoint Central Administration Web Site. It offers you two options to choose from, NTLM and Kerberos. The experienced administrator in you says that kerberos one of course because it’s the more secure and modern one, right? The wizard warns you that there might be more configuration to do, but you continue anyway. The wizard completes successfully and you head on to the Central Administration Web Site, but it won’t open claiming that you don’t have permissions to it. What’s that all about, you ask? Well, that’s the topic of this post so read on… Continue reading

Windows 8.1 aka “Windows Blue”

The cyberspace has been filled with rumors about the next Windows OS version called “Windows Blue”. Well, now it’s official, in The Official Microsoft Blog and Blogging Windows Microsoft announces that they’ll be unveiling the update to Windows 8 at the Build Conference June 26th.

Now it has a name, Windows 8.1 instead of the code name “blue”. That’s good. Although I think it adds up to the confusion with the already messed up naming history. The internal version number of Windows 7 is 6.1, Windows 8 is 6.2. Now the new version on the cover says 8.1, couldn’t it have been Windows 6.21 or 6.2.1 or 6.2.5? 🙂

It’s gonna be free, for Windows 8 and RT, and distributed via Windows Store. Hopefully there’s gonna be some corporate means to deploy it via WSUS or SCCM etc. I’m kinda pleased that it’s gonna be “just” an update instead of a brand new release.

People App – Groups and Rooms feature

Windows Phone 8’s People App has the Groups and Rooms feature. This is where you can combine all things related to a certain group of people. We’ve been using the Family Room for about a week now and I must say that I’m quite impressed. The setup was really easy, just add the people that you want and that’s it. You immediately have shared photos, chat, notes, calendar and a filtered view to social media. This article describes how this sharing feature actually works. Continue reading

First thoughts on Windows Phone 8

I got my hands on a new Nokia Lumia 920 two weeks ago. Having used WP7 and WP7.5 before I’ve been quite at home with it. Some things have changed, but not so much after all. Obviously, the new start screen is what strikes the most, but the real changes lie beneath the surface. Reliability, speed, response and overall usability have improved and my first impression is that this is by far the best smart phone I’ve had. Also, my previous purchased licences for NextGen Reader, WPCalendar, Fuse and a few other apps transfered smoothly, so it’s all good.

Nokia Lumia 920

I can’t discuss so much about the corporate stuff, policies, encryption etc. What I can discuss is the personal stuff, and there are quite plenty that you can do with the new OS. I got my wife convinced too to go and get herself a Lumia 820, red of course. We’ll be trying out the family stuff, sharing grocery lists, photos and so on.

More on these topics later…