Configuring Windows Server 2012 Volume Activation Services (aka KMS) for Office 2013 Activation

It’s a walk in the park, just enable the currently functioning KMS server to activate Office 2013 products as well. The process with Office 2010 was very straight forward, but that’s not the case with the combination of Windows Server 2012 Volume Activation Services and Office 2013. Here’s how to do it successfully. Continue reading

Trusted Locations and Environment Variables in Office 2007 Group Policy settings

When locking down Office 2007 security settings via Group Policy I ran into an interesting issue with Trusted Locations. Office 2007 doesn’t support environment variables in those trusted locations paths. I managed to get it solved pretty elegantly, thanks to some posts and clues in random forums. What I didn’t find was any descent blog article or how-to guide for the solution. So here goes. Continue reading