How to Reset Faulting OneDrive Synchronization

Has your OneDrive synchronization ever gone bad? Here’s a tip for resetting it once it gets messed up.

I’ve been using Microsoft’s cloud storage since it first launched (known as SkyDrive previously). a few years ago. I was volunteering for the first previews of the service and for that I have 28 gigs of free cloud storage. 🙂 With Windows 8 you could download and install the client as a separate download and for Windows 8.1 it comes in the box. The service synchronizes the contents of your cloud storage for local use. The same goes with an Windows RT tablet and with a Windows Phone device. For my experiences it’s been working great and the benefits of a centralized storage becomes obvious once you set it up on multiple devices and get used to it. I’ve been using it with about 5-8 devices now and it has been working quite good even with that many synched devices. Continue reading