Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 Technical Preview

I too have joined the Windows Insider Program to try out and play with the future version of the Windows operating system. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead of us if it’s really going to be like they say; new features and stuff almost weekly from now on! I’m mostly interested on the server side of things and to my surprise the preview versions of Windows Server and System Center (minus ConfigMgr) came out too!


Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 Technical Preview

I was glad to see that Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 Technical Preview were released along with the actual Technical Preview bits. RSAT has become more and more important since the release of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. You get the whole works of administration tools in one package. Server Manager evolved in Windows Server 2012 to an actual console for managing stuff and hopefully they’ll continue on this path as I really like the idea of a one unified management console.

RSAT is version dependent and you can only manage features with the same version of the operating system. Meaning that there is a different version of the RSAT package for each operating system (Windows 7/2008R2, Windows 8/2012, Windows 8.1/2012R2 and so on).  This applies to roles and features of the server OS, but for Group Policies also! You need a correct version of the client OS if you want to manage certain GPO’s. It’s “almost” backwards compatible but not quite. Certain things have changed in the OS  over the years and if you want to manage these certain settings, say for Windows 7, you need to do that on a Windows 7 machine. This is awfully cumbersome when you don’t have a homogeneous environment (as if anybody does!). So as an administrator you need a different management workstaion for each version of Windows in your environment. I think that Microsoft should really address this issue and make things simpler. Why can’t you manage your GPO’s with one (and only one) management workstation that has the latest bits?

Internet Explorer Group Policies are a good example of this hassle. See my previous article on the matter: Internet Explorer Group Policy Nightmare.

Having said that, the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 Technical Preview can be found here.

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