MS14-045 (KB2993651) Fixed and Re-released

Sadly Microsoft has been providing faulty updates this past year. Even I blogged about one a while back. This month, the crappy update was MS14-045, KB2993651. As the web piled up with reports of Blue Screens of Death and other problems, after a few days MS pulled the faulting update from the Windows Update Catalog and recommended uninstalling it even from successful deployments. Good for those who hadn’t installed it yet, bad for those who’d already approved it for install in WSUS or other deployment solutions. Blue screens caused my monthly updates are not what you want for your machines.


Good news is, on August 27th, the update is fixed and re-released. Hopefully no BSOD’s this time around. 🙂 So go patch your machines, sync your WSUS’s and go deploy!

Test and pilot before production deployment

These kind of incidents prove once again the importance of thorough testing and piloting processes. If you go releasing updates and patches into production without any kind of internal testing, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble. So have a test lab and a group of pilot workstations and servers in place, make it a routine and spare yourself from the embarrassing hassle of troubleshooting and repairing production machines.

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