Storage Tiering – Minimum Volume Size not Accepted in Terabytes

I’ve been playing around and testing the new Storage Tiering feature that came along with Windows Server 2012 R2. I’m impressed I must say. I have a few 2TB HDDs in my test lab and disk I/O has always been the bottle neck when it comes to performance. The new Storage Tiering feature boosted my lab so much that I’m not sure if I’m using the same hardware anymore. The total disk I/O skyrocketed just by adding two 128GB SSDs and creating a tiered storage with Storage Spaces. Add Data Deduplication to the mix and it’s even better!

There’s a tiny bug in the user interface of New Volume Wizard, though. After you’ve created your Storage Pool of HDDs and SSDs, added the first Virtual Disk in it, you go on and start the New Volume Wizard. The wizard says that “The volume will be the same size as the virtual disk because the virtual disk uses storage tiers.“. When you hit next, error message says that “The minimum volume size is xxx“. See below.

TBs don’t add up right, 1,93TB ain’t 1,93TB, I guess?

It seems there’s something silly in the way the wizard is calculating the sizes in terabytes. However, switching to anything other that TBs, like GBs in the example below, it’ll let you through creating your tiered volume.

Anything other than TBs is fine.

This minor annoyance will probably be fixed somewhere down the line. Until then I hope this might help others stuck with it.

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