1st Anniversary of One After 909

Last Saturday marked the 1st anniversary of One After 909. On January 25th 2013 I posted my first article here. It’s been a very interesting year and a chance for me to learn and practice my skills on written English and providing meaningful content. It’s been a thrill to notice that some of my articles are actually read and even appreciated by readers. Some of them have even made it to the top results in Google. As I expected, the ones read are the ones that provided information on subjects that I couldn’t find information elsewhere.

Here’s some statistics of the first year (2013) of One After 909. The numbers are low and nothing to brag about, but let this be a good start for the upcoming year.

Total visitors

In the image below are the total number of unique visitors by month. Not much, but it’s a start and the trend is up. The spikes are obviously generated by bots. 🙂

Blog 2013 Stats

Blog Statistics

Here are some stats of the actual content in random order.

Top 3 Posts

The top 3 most read articles (by far) are the following.

  1. Changing the product key of Windows from MAK to KMS with a PowerShell script
  2. Trusted Locations and Environment Variables in Office 2007 Group Policy settings
  3. Configuring SharePoint 2013 Central Administration with Kerberos authentication

Search Engine Hits

Number of followed links from search engine results.

Google 771
Bing 203


Some miscellaneous blog stats.

Total posts 33
Total comments 39
Total Pingbacks 12

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