How to Enable Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection on Windows 8/8.1

It took me a while to figure this one out. All the hype about the improved VM Connection client, which can be run from a client OS, and I couldn’t find the executable anywhere. I searched the web too thinking it’s a separate downloadable component… Instead, it’s more simple than you’d think (or maybe it’s just me… ;)). It’s a feature included within the Hyper-V Management Tools (see the screenshot), which is pretty obvious in hindsight.

VM Connection Feature

Within those tools is the Virtual Machine Connection, the tool in question. This is what you get, when running it (you need to have privileges on the Hyper-V host to connect to the VMs on that particular box)…

Virtual Machine Connection

…familiar stuff from this point on.¬†What is notable, is that you can run it from command line and give parameters to it! Here’s the help you get by running it like:

vmconnect.exe /?

VM Connection Cmd

So, with a little batch file, you could connect to all your lab’s VMs with a single command. Neat!

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