AD FS Error on Startup indicating no access to Private Keys (Event ID 133)

As part of my “summer project”, a new lab environment for testing and learning, I came across a rather hard to figure out kind of issue. It turns out that AD FS in Windows Server 2012 doesn’t function properly with CNG Certificates (Cryptography Next Generation). I won’t go into details about certificates and cryptography in this post, but I think this might be worth sharing. Continue reading

System Center 2012 App Controller setup fails with exception error code: 0x80131500

For the past few weeks I’ve been building a lab environment for testing and fooling around with the various System Center 2012 components. Today, I had trouble installing App Controller and it seemed to fail with creating and configuring the SQL database. Everything was supposed to be alright and ready to go, SQL Server up and running (other connections working just fine), permissions setup correctly etc. Still, no luck. After troubleshooting and reading through the setup logs I found this: All my VMs start with a number, darn it.

After pounding my head against the wall for a couple of hours I somehow don’t find this very funny at all. 🙁