Feedly it is, the Google Reader Replacement

A few weeks ago I posted on a subject that is coming to an end. Google Reader will close by the end of the month. I searched and tried quite many alternatives but none of them seemed good enough. Google Reader’s power lied witihin its’ open API and almost every client out there supported it one way or another. I didn’t want to go along with one client and be tied to it and thought that somebody should see the opportunity of the millions of Google Reader users’ souls.


Then came along Feedly with Project Normandy. Project Normandy is a replacement for Google Reader’s API so all the clients should work with only minor changes. My favorite client, the NextGen Reader is already updated with Feedly support both on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.┬áThe migration from Google to Feedly was just a one-click procedure, thumbs up for that to Feedly too! The web interface is as smooth as it can be, way better than the good old Google Reader.

So, from now on, I’m a happy Feedly user.

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