Windows 8.1 aka “Windows Blue”

The cyberspace has been filled with rumors about the next Windows OS version called “Windows Blue”. Well, now it’s official, in The Official Microsoft Blog and Blogging Windows Microsoft announces that they’ll be unveiling the update to Windows 8 at the Build Conference June 26th.

Now it has a name, Windows 8.1 instead of the code name “blue”. That’s good. Although I think it adds up to the confusion with the already messed up naming history. The internal version number of Windows 7 is 6.1, Windows 8 is 6.2. Now the new version on the cover says 8.1, couldn’t it have been Windows 6.21 or 6.2.1 or 6.2.5? 🙂

It’s gonna be free, for Windows 8 and RT, and distributed via Windows Store. Hopefully there’s gonna be some corporate means to deploy it via WSUS or SCCM etc. I’m kinda pleased that it’s gonna be “just” an update instead of a brand new release.