Special Surface Offer for TechEd Attendees via Microsoft Retail Store

Microsoft Surface ProThis just has to be shared. There’s gonna be a huge offer for TechEd North America 2013 attendees. Surface Pro 128GB standalone for only $399.99. I just checked that the price at the moment here in Finland is 999€. That might change once it officially comes to the market, but still that’s a real bargain. I might get one. 🙂

Channel 9 – TechEd NA 2013 Blog

My TechEd North America 2013 Agenda

As a first timer in a major conference (I’ve never been to one outside europe) I’m having a hard time choosing a schedule for myself. There is way too many options to choose from! Or maybe I’m just interested in too many topics.

TechEd North America - I'm attendingThank Goodness there is a great agenda builder on Channel 9. It helps to create a filtered list of the hundreds of sessions. Then you can narrow it down to a few options to choose from. I guess I’m gonna choose a couple of sessions in each slot. That way I can decide between those as I go along. The venue is so big that there might be even trouble getting from room to room in time between the sessions. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 aka “Windows Blue”

The cyberspace has been filled with rumors about the next Windows OS version called “Windows Blue”. Well, now it’s official, in The Official Microsoft Blog and Blogging Windows Microsoft announces that they’ll be unveiling the update to Windows 8 at the Build Conference June 26th.

Now it has a name, Windows 8.1 instead of the code name “blue”. That’s good. Although I think it adds up to the confusion with the already messed up naming history. The internal version number of Windows 7 is 6.1, Windows 8 is 6.2. Now the new version on the cover says 8.1, couldn’t it have been Windows 6.21 or 6.2.1 or 6.2.5? 🙂

It’s gonna be free, for Windows 8 and RT, and distributed via Windows Store. Hopefully there’s gonna be some corporate means to deploy it via WSUS or SCCM etc. I’m kinda pleased that it’s gonna be “just” an update instead of a brand new release.

Working Class Hero by John and Billie Joe

Something completely different this time. I’ve been listening to both versions of the song and it amazes me how alike they sound from time to time. Of course, the original is the One, there’s no comparison. The sound of their voices is just so similar in certain parts. See (or hear) for yourself.

The original by John Lennon

The Green Day cover (sung by Billie Joe Armstrong)

Would you believe that Lennon released the original four months before Billie Joe was born. 😉

John LennonGreen Day

People App – Groups and Rooms feature

Windows Phone 8’s People App has the Groups and Rooms feature. This is where you can combine all things related to a certain group of people. We’ve been using the Family Room for about a week now and I must say that I’m quite impressed. The setup was really easy, just add the people that you want and that’s it. You immediately have shared photos, chat, notes, calendar and a filtered view to social media. This article describes how this sharing feature actually works. Continue reading