First thoughts on Windows Phone 8

I got my hands on a new Nokia Lumia 920 two weeks ago. Having used WP7 and WP7.5 before I’ve been quite at home with it. Some things have changed, but not so much after all. Obviously, the new start screen is what strikes the most, but the real changes lie beneath the surface. Reliability, speed, response and overall usability have improved and my first impression is that this is by far the best smart phone I’ve had. Also, my previous purchased licences for NextGen Reader, WPCalendar, Fuse and a few other apps transfered smoothly, so it’s all good.

Nokia Lumia 920

I can’t discuss so much about the corporate stuff, policies, encryption etc. What I can discuss is the personal stuff, and there are quite plenty that you can do with the new OS. I got my wife convinced too to go and get herself a Lumia 820, red of course. We’ll be trying out the family stuff, sharing grocery lists, photos and so on.

More on these topics later…

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