Some items disabled or missing in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

SharePoint 2013I’ve spent a few hours in the past few weeks trying to get to know the all-new SharePoint Server 2013. There are quite a few changes and new stuff since the 2010 version while some things remain the same. I’ll be probably blogging about SharePoint Server 2013 a little bit in the near future. This article is about one tiny, but yet so annoying and not so well mentioned in the documentation matter. That is, how to run Central Administration Web Site so that all the features, buttons, gadgets and whatnots are available.

The issue

You’ve got your SharePoint 2013 environment up and running. You fire up your browser and go to the Central Administration web site. You think you are the administrator and have all the permissions in the world, but some stuff is missing from the user interface. For example, the very important “Services on Server” on “System Settings” and many of the things related to Monitoring and Backup (image below).

SharePoint2013 services on server missing

I spent literally hours looking for a solution to solve this thinking it’s still somehow related to limited permissions or access rights. I was a member of Domain Admins, member of the Local Administrators on the server, member of Farm Administrators etc. But still, no luck.

The Solution

Then I realized that starting IE with the SharePoint Server 2013 Central Administration shortcut things worked. Looking at it carefully, that’s where the difference was. Internet Explorer gets started as administrator with that link! I went ahead and started IE as administrator, headed to Central Administration site and yes, the missing links were back.

Why is this so? The stuff that these settings do involve changes on the local server and require administrative privileges to succeed. Hence, SharePoint hides them from the UI altogether when the user does not have those required permissions.

This is a rather stupid issue, but I thought it might be worth sharing. Maybe it’ll spare somebody else from wasting a few hours… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Some items disabled or missing in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

  1. Siinä tapauksessa, että sinun pitäis valita nii mikä olisi mielestäsi paras, mielellään ilmanen alusta blogin pitämiseen?

  2. Tämä WordPress on pelannut näin hostattuna oikein mainiosti enkä oikeastaan tiedä muista. SharePoint varmasti ajaa asian yhtä mallikkaasti.

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