Trusted Locations and Environment Variables in Office 2007 Group Policy settings

When locking down Office 2007 security settings via Group Policy I ran into an interesting issue with Trusted Locations. Office 2007 doesn’t support environment variables in those trusted locations paths. I managed to get it solved pretty elegantly, thanks to some posts and clues in random forums. What I didn’t find was any descent blog article or how-to guide for the solution. So here goes. Continue reading

Slow Boot Slow Login Hotfix Rollup for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Bundle of Hotfixes

After reading this a couple of times I think this is definitely worth sharing. I don’t recall seeing anything this huge involving hotfixes by Microsoft. Today, MS has released a massive Slow Boot Slow Login (SBSL) Hotfix Rollup for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. It includes 90, say again 90, hotfixes to these two operating systems. I went through a couple of the included hotfixes and yes, those are something that has not been distributed through Windows update. Instead, a hotfix is something that you request and download separately for a particular issue.

There are so many organizations suffering from slow login and boot times, that this is a highly anticipated effort from Microsoft. I think this is awesome, but this is something that needs to be tested thoroughly and repeatedly in a test environment before even dreaming about putting it in production. I’ll be following this closely and it will be super interesting to see real-life experiences on this. I mean, 90 hotfixes!

Read more about it in a TechNet Blog Article and the actual KB-article is number 2775511.

Some items disabled or missing in SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

SharePoint 2013I’ve spent a few hours in the past few weeks trying to get to know the all-new SharePoint Server 2013. There are quite a few changes and new stuff since the 2010 version while some things remain the same. I’ll be probably blogging about SharePoint Server 2013 a little bit in the near future. This article is about one tiny, but yet so annoying and not so well mentioned in the documentation matter. That is, how to run Central Administration Web Site so that all the features, buttons, gadgets and whatnots are available. Continue reading